It's The Stupidity, Stupid


Harry Shearer--actor, radio host, political commentator--takes aim at the controversy surrounding President Bill Clinton, and he's got plenty of criticisms to go around. Not only has he figured out why Bill Clinton's success really, really bothers a certain segment of the American population, he also lobs a few bombs in the direction of career prosecutors, television journalists, and Hillary Rodham Clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy" theory--in just a little more than 100 pages. Think of him as a calmer James Carville, or a liberal P.J. O'Rourke; however you look at it, Shearer's sardonic analysis of the Clinton administration is a welcome respite from the punditry delivered by TV's usual suspects. As he points out in his index: "Di Genova, Joseph, 57. If you know who he is, you've been watching too much Rivera." --Ron Hogan,

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-It's The Stupidity, Stupid

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